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What are Collaborative Robots?

Collaborative robots, also known as Cobots, are robots that directly collaborate with humans, becoming a crucial part of the team and adding value to your business. The CRX takes over dangerous, repetitive tasks, thus maintaining the human’s health while automating assembly lines.

Why the new CRX?

The CRX is the right partner to start your automation journey. It is very easy to use and has many user friendly features such as a Tablet Teach Pendant and drag and drop programming. FANUC’s latest addition to the collaborative robot family comes with the same renowned FANUC reliability as all our products.

Who needs the CRX?

Companies of all sizes and industries can benefit from Collaborative Robots like the CRX. It is suited for companies starting with their automation process to companies with extensive experience in the area, this collaborative robot will support your business to be more cost efficient and safer!

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Why settle for less, when you can get MORE?

  • Quick to install

    The CRX does not require any special surface to be installed and the controller is powered by a regular power source (200-240V).

  • Space saving

    With only 40 kg of weight and slim design the latest collaborative robot can be quickly deployed in factories thanks to its small footprint and capabilities to be mounted anywhere (floor, upside-down and angle). With the longarm version you can even work on more confined spaces thanks to the underflip motion.

  • Drag & Drop programming

    Using the Tablet Teach Pendant it is possible to do Drag & Drop programming. This functionality allows you to easily program an application in a matter of minutes.

  • Manual Guided Teaching

    The CRX can easily learn from you. How? Just use the manual guided teaching function to teach the Cobot. Just lead your robot to the desired position and save it on the tablet using the drag & drop functionality.

  • Easy to connect

    The new CRX offers a easy to use plugin software allowing users to install an interface for peripheral equipment easily. FANUC knows the needs of the market and provides all possible options as camera systems (iRVision), force sensor technology (FS-15ia) and much more!

  • Great Reliability

    40 years of experience building industrial robots and passion for perfection results in high reliability. FANUC is very proud to produce high quality products that will work perfectly for a long time, supporting the customers to work effectively and to increase their productivity.

  • Top Service

    The primary focus of FANUC Service and Support is always on you and your specific production scenario. Our large service Network offers a complete range of solutions for predictive, preventive/reactive maintenance, an extremely comprehensive back catalogue of spare parts as well as an extensive portfolio of standard and tailored training programs.


Tamás Mezei
Managing Director
FANUC Hungary and Romania

“The market needed such a collaborative robot. The CRX is not only easy to use and suitable for many applications, but perhaps most importantly, it is extremely reliable.”

Alberto Berton
Technical Engineer Robotics
FANUC Europe GmbH

“Working with CRX is easy and intuitive, the new interface is simple to understand and can be used by everyone. The unit can be quickly deployed and easily moved throughout our factory. Our teams love it!”

Pier Paolo Parabiaghi
Sales Manager Robotics
FANUC Italia

“CRX is easy to program thanks to the touch screen with interactive icons. The level of security offered makes it a guarantee in the world of automation. Thanks to its compact size, positioning and installation are very easy, and the immediate start-up time thanks to the possibility of memorizing the movements by moving the arm manually”

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